A few notes on the site:

Of course I have not seen all the films here but I have written a brief summary for nearly all the films.  

For more recent films you will find a number of detailed reviews at http://imdb.com.  If you haven't already discovered it this site is indispensable.

The AMG site http://www.allmovie.com is good for summaries but doesn't have external reviews. 

If you can buy a copy of the now discontinued Microsoft Cinemania 97.

 Hopefully visitors will send their own views on the films here or suggest films which should be included. 

The language of a film is that of the country unless otherwise stated.  The English title is given except where there isn't one, or there are too many titles and to choose one might cause confusion.

All accents e.g. circumflex, umlauts have been removed because they become corrupted converting from database to html.

I should love to point out where a disabled actor plays a part but 99% of the time I don't know.

I know less than most people where to get videos of films but there are plenty of on-line video stores.

 If you consider my comments on a film are ill-judged then please send your opinion and I'll include it. 

It's quite difficult to decide whether to include some films in the major or minor category and over the years this site has been online there have arisen some contradictions.

The rating system is very rough and the main criterion has been the quality of the film not its depiction of disability.  The "Recommended Films" are a better guideline.

Most spellings are in English English e.g. tumour not tumor, colour not color.

Since 1994 I've paid to host this site. It is now so big I'm looking for free and pop-ups free hosting.  A small advert on the home page would be acceptable.

If you have a genuine query (i.e. don't want me to write your term essay) don't hesitate to email.

David Greenhalgh  mailto:webmaster@disabilityfilms.co.uk

n.b.  I have removed the links to the categories Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Casts which I now believe were inappropriate.

Thanks  A special thanks to all those who have sent in reviews and suggestions esp.  Yvonne, Steve Carroll, Catya

And a big thankyou to Ceci who designed the logo on the home page.

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