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Win Phatak has started a site listing and reviewing films involving disability which are made in India.  The site is well laid out and looks very promising.

   The most comprehensive site especially for reviews.

avg.gif (3296 bytes)   You'll possibly find an obscure, foreign, or old film here but there are only summaries of films and no reviews.

People With Disabilities on Television and In Movies 

This site is definitely worth a visit:

Friendly Fun and Special Needs Resources offers access to mind, body and spirit-enriching information that enhances the quality and enjoyment of family life with special needs. has list of books about disability in film and TV.

Articles & Essays on Disability and the Media  

Books on Films & Disability

The Cinema of Isolation:  A history of physical disability in the movies.  Martin F. Norden 

ISBN 0-8135-2104-1  

Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media, Edited by Ann Pointon with Chris Davies  

ISBN 0-85170-600-2  

Disability Drama in Television and Film.  Lauri E. Klobas  

Images of the disabled, disabling images.  A & Joe Gartner (Eds.)

The Creatures Time Forgot:  Photography and disability imagery.  David Hevey

Hollywood Speaks:  Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry.  John S. Schuchman

Extraordinary Bodies: Figuring physical disability in American culture & literature:

Rosemarie Garland Thomson   ISBN 0-231-10517-7

Freak Show: Presenting human oddities for amusement & profit   Robert Bogdan 

ISBN 0-226-06312-7

Body and Physical Difference, The: Discourses of disability  David T. Mitchell & Sharon L. Snyder  ISBN 0-472-06659-5

Anthropologist on Mars, An                Oliver Sacks    ISBN 0-330-34347-5

Seeing Voices                                    Oliver Sacks    ISBN 0-375-70407-8

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