specialises in educational videos on disabilities.

    sell disability related videos for training and education

  National Film Board of Canada has a collection of videos on disabilities

    The Media Trust  is a charity which works in partnership with the media industry to meet the communications needs of the voluntary sector.

  This site has a large collection of disability resources (especially on mental retardation), and is also the home of Disability Studies Quarterly.

For U.K. general links  well laid out and has descriptions

UKLinks  A new U.K. site offering many links

 A general and comprehensive list of links for those new to the web.

There are a number of Usenet groups discussing films e.g.  rec.arts.movies.misc but none specialises in  films about disability.

 alt.support .chronic.pain   ;  misc.handicap (almost dormant now)   ; uk.people.disability   are among the many Usenet groups serving disabled people.

At  http://www.richardcohenfilms.com

Documentary films:
Hurry Tomorrow: involuntary psychiatric treatment in a state hospital
Taylor's Campaign: homeless disabled person runs for city council
Going To School (IR A LA ESCUELA) inclusion and empowering children with disabilities and their parents

This is an 'alcohol' related site http://our.affiliatetracking.net/twelvestepsoftware/af.cgi

Stephan Linsenhoff has a page which lists films involving Autism.  http://home.swipnet.se/stephanSE

Those interested in makeup effects might care to visit: The MakeUp Gallery at

http://llwyd.tripod.com/makeup/index.htm  And  Lars Carlsson's site http://www.makeup-fx.com/Indexeng.html

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