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General: Major Films  
TitleBlind Fury (1990)
Alternative/Original Title
DisabilityGeneral Allergies Blind
DirectorPhillip Noyce
CastRutger Hauer Terrance (Terry) O'Quinn Brandon Call Lisa Blount Randall "Tex" Cobb Noble Willingham Meg Foster
NotesThis is another of the worst kind of representation of disabled people in films. Mind you, it's so bad no one should be fooled into thinking this is how disabled people are. Hauer plays a soldier in Vietnam who loses his sight and for some reason is looked after Vietnamese villagers. We see him lying down with 'grass' on his eyes and this is the healing process. When this is removed there is not a single scar or any damage to his eyes. They remain that very light blue and to simulate blindness Hauer just looks into space with a rather dumb expression on his face. After the fashion of Carradine's blind teacher in "Kung Fu" Hauer is taught how to strike with a sword. He's not taught to get around, cook, and all those everyday activities. What use is chopping in two flying melons? Of course we very quickly find out. The action jumps 20 years to Miami where Hauer is seen walking along the edge of the road (I thought at first he was collecting aluminium cans to sell). But no it's just aimless. He goes into a roadside cafe where he's teased by some yobs and of course manages to fight off 5 of them. The action jumps to Reno where he goes to look up an old Vietnam buddy (20 years late?). Here he fights off men with guns and ends up having to look after his buddy's son when the mother is killed. Now he's at odds with a drugs ring and I'm sure he brought all of them to book. The boy has allergies which is shown as his drawing his hand across his nose frequently (or not so frequently when the director forgets to give the instruction). This film is based on the Zatiochi series. See below.

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