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Deaf: Major Films  
TitleJunk Mail (1997)
Alternative/Original TitleBudbringeren
GenreCrime drama
DirectorPal Sletaune
CastRobert Skjaerstad Andrine Saether Per Egil Aske Eli Anne Linnestad
NotesAn antidote to Kevin Costner's "The Postman". You don't think there's low-life in Oslo? This film is full of generally unpleasant losers living in ways and places you don't associate with Scandanavian chic. The postman 'hero' is not exactly a career professional. If he doesn't throw your mail away he reads it. Not actually delivering the mail leaves him with time on his hands to snoop into the lives of those whose mail he reads. One of his 'hopeful' customers is an attractive girl who is deaf. Having a crush on her the opportunity opened up when he finds the keys to her flat can't be resisted. His intrusion beyond the letter-box leads to his involvement in crime and murder. Not for all tastes since the progress and exposition of the film is quirky and there's no satisfying resolution. MORE: Robert Skjaerstad plays Roy a postman (in Oslo, Norway) who is slovenly and inept. He's also so lazy he dumps half of the contents of his postbag and reads some of the letters. Ironically when robbers attack him after his mailbag its strap get caught up in his jacket and they can't get it, beating him up in the process. All the time he is yelling at them to take the bag. He ends up getting an award for protecting the mail. When he finds a woman's flat keys in her mailbox he goes into her flat and prowls about. The flat belongs to an attractive, deaf woman, Line, who works as a dry cleaner. She's also involved in a robbery and attempted murder. Roy goes to Line's flat again after copying her keys. She returns home early and he hides under the bed. When she attempts suicide with a bottle of pills Roy saves her by making her sick and calling for an ambulance. She recovers but doesn't have a clue who saved her. Then Roy gets involved with her romantically and also with her criminal acquaintances. This is a funny, touching film that is worth seeing.

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