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Blind: Major Films  
TitleScent of a Woman (USA) (1992)
Alternative/Original Title
DirectorMartin Brest
CastAl Pacino Chris O'Donnell James Rebhorn Gabrielle Anwar Philip S. Hoffman Richard Venture
NotesAmerican remake of Italian film about a blind army officer. Plausibility is sacrificed for thrills. The romantic thread which is set up is left unresolved. I don't like films in which a blind man's fantasy is to drive a car on the streets-- and he does so. An entertaining film, much due to Al Pacino, but left me with a dry mouth. Yvonne writes: Synopsis Young Charlie (Chris O'Donnell) is a long way from his Oregon home, in an exclusive, private New Hampshire boys' school for which he has gained a scholarship. Unlike his wealthy peers, he is saving up to get home for Xmas. He therefore takes on a job over Thanksgiving, looking after a blind man whilst his family are away. Colonel Slade (Al Pacino) is an embittered, irascible, hard drinking, lecherous ex-army career officer. Although thoroughly unpleasant at the job interview, the family persuades Charlie to take the job. At the same time, Charlie is in trouble at school. He has witnessed a practical joke on the headmaster and is under threat of expulsion if he does not tell on the perpetrators. As soon as the family leaves, the Colonel insists on going to New York City. The colonel tells Charlie that he is revisiting his old haunts to stay in the Waldorf Hotel, have great food, visit his brother and make love to a beautiful woman. Charlie is tricked into staying and finds out that the colonel actually intends to commit suicide after he has completed his intended plans. They have an excruciating thanksgiving meal with the brother's family, who plainly dislike the colonel. He takes over the conversation and offends with sexual stories and personal remarks until his irate nephew tells how he blinded himself in a drunken prank and they fight. The next day, they go to an post restaurant where the Colonel tries to help Charlie meet a girl (Gabrielle Anwar) and ends up teaching her to tango. He later arranges to sleep with a high-class prostitute. During their various adventures Charlie has explained his predicament at school The following day the Colonel is depressed and tries to send Charlie home, he refuses and tries to cheer the Colonel up by taking him out to drive a Ferrari. However when they return, Charlie is sent out on an errand but smelling a rat, returns to find the Colonel about to shoot himself. He bravely battles with the Colonel and persuades him that life is worth living. They return home by car and part very amicably. Charlie is brought up before the whole school and the disciplinary board and the Colonel unexpectedly turns up to be advocate for him. Refusing to tell on his classmates, aggravates the headmaster into recommending expulsion. The Colonel speaks on his behalf influencing the board to drop the action. They leave together, firm friends, the colonel returns to his life with a resolve to make his life better. Comments Al Pacino's over the top portrayal won a best actor Oscar. There were parts that were unrealistic/ unnecessary like the Colonel driving a Ferrari at speed. However the whole story was a romp with a happy ending which I enjoyed watching. I liked the bonding that grew between the two main characters. It was very funny and also emotionally affecting in parts.

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