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TitleColor of Paradise, The (1999)
Alternative/Original Title1.Ranghe Khoda 2. Color Of God
DirectorMajid Majidi
CastMoshen Ramezani Hossein Mahjub Salime Feizi
NotesA blind 8 year old boy lives at an institution for the blind in Teheran. He, Mohammad, is played by the blind Mohsen Ramezani. At the time of the summer holidays all the children leave with their parents except for Mohammad. Then his father a widowed coal worker turns up but he asks the carers to keep his son permanently. They refuse and he has to take his son home to northern Iran. At home while the father is resentful of having a blind son the boy's sisters and Granma love to have him around. However the father wants to remarry and sees the boy as an obstacle so he sends him away to be apprentice to a blind carpenter. Initially Mohammad is distressed at leaving home as is his Granma but he comes to like being with the carpenter. Added later: The film starts with the breakup of a school for the blind for a 3 month summer break. Rahmin's (a pupil) father hasn't come for him (his mother is dead). While waiting Rahmin finds a bird fallen from the nest and climbs the tree to put it back. Compare that with driving a car. His father eventually turns up but doesn't want to take him. Forced to by the school admin he takes him by bus and horse to his granma's. Rahmin has gifts for his granma and two sisters. While father courts with gifts a woman before even bothering to see his mother and daughters (in fact I don't think we ever see him with his daughters). When Rahmin's two sisters go to school he cries because he wants to go with them. At school he reads from his braille book which is the same as their text book. Everyone including the teacher is in awe. But the big bad wolf of a Dad takes Rahmin away to the seaside then to where he is making charcoal. And he leaves him to be apprentice to a blind carpenter. When he returns home his mother leaves the house. He persuades her to return but shortly after she dies. He is just about to get married but the bride's family call it off because his mother's death is too ominous. Father takes Rahmin home and on the way they are caught in a storm and Rahmin falls off a bridge into a river. Dad hesitates then desparately tries to save him. It appears R is dead but then a hand moves and the film ends. The film has a natural, unhurried pace. A rural idyll which will have you in tears. Cynthia writes: I saw a wonderful film not long ago that should be on your list. The Color of Paradise directed by Iranian Majid Majidi. It is a beautiful film about a blind boy (played wonderfully by a blind boy) whose widowed father is ambivalent about the child. The father does not want to take the boy home from blind school for the summer, yet when he does, we see how much the boy is loved by his grandmother and sisters. And how much Mohammend loves being with his family. I can't do justice to the film in words. It must be seen (and heard) to be appreciated. Website: http://www.spe.sony.com/classics/colorofparadise/ Review at: http://ellis.nebbadoon.com/docs/joined_reviewfiles/COLOR_OF_PARADISE,_THE.html

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