Articles & Essays on Disability and the Media  

1. Short articles called "I Hate Tiny Tim" or

2. A short discussion by Phil Ivory : Disabilities in the Media: The Movies 

3.  The First Century of Disability Portrayal in Film

4. SLOW DANCE: A Story of Stroke, Love and Disability by Bonnie Sherr Klein in collaboration with Persimmon Blackbridge: Knopf Canada, 1997 Reviewed by Lucia Dutton at

5.  Multiple Personality Disorder: Witchcraft Survives in the Twentieth Century
August Piper Jr.

"Since 1980, some psychotherapists have claimed that thousands of Americans are afflicted with multiple personality disorder. Believing such claims requires ignoring their many serious deficiencies. 
Any people, given over to the power of contagious passion, may be swept by desolation, and plunged into ruin."
-- Charles W. Upham, 1867 

6.   BBC Guidelines on portrayal of disabled people on TV  Click

7.  The Romanticized Visions of Alcoholism Film Festival by Jordan Hoffman

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